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FREE Delivery in England on Orders Over £75
3 Reasons To Purchase New Kitchen Equipment Over Used Ones

3 Reasons To Purchase New Kitchen Equipment Over Used Ones

If someone tells you that starting a food business is easy, don't listen to them. Just like any other business, starting a food company is riddled with challenges and tons of decisions you need to make. One of these decisions is on the equipment you need to produce food!

There are many types of equipment other, not to mention in varying conditions. Making the right decision here is vital for many reasons, from saving money to producing quality products.

That said, we want to delve into kitchen equipment, talking about why you should purchase new equipment versus a used one:


When you purchase used equipment, you cannot be sure of the material that was used to make it or how well it was taken care of. You could be purchasing equipment that has been damaged and no longer functions appropriately or is unsafe to use. This can be risky, especially when you are handling food.

If you spend the money to buy new, you will be assured that the equipment you are buying is working to its best capacity and will last a long time.


Buying used equipment is going to cost a lot more than buying new equipment. When you buy from a restaurant equipment supplier, you will have to pay for the shipping of the equipment and have it inspected. There will also be a markup for it being used, not to mention the cost to repair it if any problems are found.

When you buy new equipment, you are only paying for the cost of the product. Sure, the cost to buy new equipment might initially be higher than a used one, but there will be no added costs, so you will be able to save money. Plus, since it is new, it will be free of issues, allowing you to save money from costly maintenance and repairs.


Technology is constantly evolving and changing, and you will want the equipment in your business to do the same. This can be especially the case when you are working with food since the equipment you purchase will need to meet a certain standard of safety and quality. Buying used equipment means you are dealing with old technology—not a way to stay ahead of your competition.

Just like most other things in the world, when you buy new equipment, you will be able to guarantee that it has the latest technology available. This ensures you are producing the best possible products you can at max efficiency and capacity, not to mention safety for your workers.


When it comes to equipment for your kitchen or food manufacturing business, you will want to buy new, not used. This will save you money and ensure that you are getting the best products for your money as well as ensuring that you are getting equipment that is of great quality, in new condition, free from any problems and trouble that might hinder your food-producing ability. As such, try to avoid used and old kitchen equipment and opt for new, commercial-grade kitchen equipment instead.

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