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Catering Equipment Buying Guide - Canmac Catering

Catering Equipment Buying Guide

When you up to prepare a professional kitchen, you have to consider some important equipment to make a success for your commercial catering restaurant.

Kitting the catering equipment out is considered the first process, bear in mind your commercial kitchen’s space and the recommended kitchen appliances to ensure an easy service for your business.   

Therefore, we will guide you to the best catering equipment most commonly used in commercial kitchens. So, you can make wise investments that keep processes running smoothly.

Catering Equipment Buying Guide

Top Tips to Choose Catering Equipment

When you’re setting up a restaurant, it can be difficult to know how to choose the right commercial kitchen. You need to create a seamless workflow from storage to prep to the line.

Thus, whether you kitting out a domestic or commercial apparatus, the following list of tips to choose catering equipment will help you to make a good purchase.

Food Storage and Transport Appliance

The first thing you have to consider the food storage as you have to keep the food in safe temperatures. So, you have to think about how much space you’re going to need for a commercial fridge and dry storage.

Commercial Fridge

Take into account the space-saving counter fridge, food prep refrigeration, cold room, or upright cabinet that might be single, double, or triple doors, according to your needs for small or large kitchens.

These commercial fridges are designed to fit the needs of a commercial kitchen in order to combine space-saving with the best functions.

Kitchen Shelves

Shelves provide more work-places for your commercial kitchen, which is important for the productivity of your kitchen. Try to choose durable and high-quality stainless-steel shelves to last longer while the harsh conditions of the commercial kitchen.

Food Preparation Space

Adequate food preparation space accelerates the preparation process. Therefore, try to design your commercial kitchen with maximizing preparation areas.

Service Trolleys & Utility Carts

the storage container for food transportation is the very essential equipment you have to think about. You have to transfer the food and items from your restaurant to the location in a safe and sanitary manner.

Trolleys and utility carts are an efficient way of hauling heavy loads and serving guests in which is incredibly versatile. All reputable restaurants have several service utility and trolleys carts.

Best Cooking Equipment

Factor in separate that you have enough space for cooking equipment, including but not limited to ovens, microwaves, mixers, kettles, and more. However, we will sort the key and important elements for cooking equipment:

Gas Oven

Gas might be the most popular in commercial kitchens as the gas oven is more responsive to adjust heat levels and high temperatures. We recommend a multi-functional combi-oven for any catering business.

Gas Oven


You have to get a commercial fryer that ranging from space-saving countertop options to heavier-duty, free-standing fryers. Since deep fryers are essential for a commercial restaurant, you have to get two fryers in your kitchen.

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Make sure you have a commercial model of microwaves that can withstand commercial work pressure and long periods of usage. This commercial microwave can reheat and defrost food items, and deliver a quick meal and faster cooking times.

Grills and Griddles

A commercial grill and griddle are manufactured to take heavy-duty use, allowing for flexibility with multiple burners. Make sure that you have space and a time-saving grill and griddle.

The grill can finish the tops of dishes and be mounted on shelves above ovens. On the other hand, the griddle is utilized for large kitchens to cook huge quantities of food.

Pans & Pots

Pans and pots material should conduct and distribute heat evenly while preventing food from burning. We recommend using one of a three-type used in pans and pots, whether copper, stainless-steel, or anodized aluminum.

Mixer & Blender

Work on purchasing the commercial blender and mixer as they come with a powerful motor engine that can handle continual use. There are several types of blenders and mixers, like bar blenders, stick blenders, and kitchen blenders, according to your needs.


A commercial dishwasher is an important appliance for food service. There are two different types of the dishwasher, whether a smaller under-counter machine or a pass-through conveyor dishwasher, according to your space and needs.

Food Service Equipment

Foodservice equipment is an indispensable item in every commercial kitchen. Bear in mind the following list to effectively kiting out your foodservice equipment:


The professional chef knives must be as sharp as much as possible. Therefore, there is a variety of sharpening solutions available, like electric knife sharpeners.

Try to get plenty of knife types, including, fillet knife, bread knife, paring knife, as well as, cleaver, chef or Santoku knife, carving knife, and boning knife.

Cutting Board

One appliance of particular concern for commercial kitchens is the cutting board. So, choosing the right surface for your food preparation is important whether plastic, wood, or bamboo cutting boards. We recommended allocating one for each food item.

Trays & Utensils

Try to have two serving trays and utensils for every type of food in your commercial restaurant. You will find various options with many shapes and sizes of trays and utensils available for any type of food.

Ice Markers & Caddies

Ice markers are a dependable solution for restaurants and bars, provide a convenient way to create ice for a variety of hospitality applications. Also, Ice caddies are considered an ideal storage solution for cubed ice for restaurants and bars with a constant need for ice.


A commercial toasters are essential for restaurants and self-service buffers where toasting large quantities of bread. There is a range form of toaster size, according to your kitchen’s space.

A new type of toaster comes out, which is the griddle toaster. These griddle toasters are incredible for commercial kitchens in which provide the versatility of a grill and toaster, enable to cooking pancakes, grilling sandwiches, and frying burgers. 

Restaurant Table Supplies

There are plenty of options for kitting out your restaurant table supplies, and we will guide you to the essential and best catering equipment for table appliances:


You have to choose a dinnerware suit your commercial kitchen look from the design and style to the durability material. Bear in mind the entire set of dinnerware and the pros and cons of each component.

Cups & Saucers

Choices are abundant when it comes to cups and saucers. You have to receive a lot of scrutinizes when evaluating a cup and saucer, including the shape of the cup, the look of the cup handle. It’s important to get cups that easy to hold their handle and fit securely within the saucer.


Selecting the right glassware can be tricky. As a commercial restaurant, you have to stock a wide range of glassware that matches your restaurant style.

Try to avoid the overly thin glassware that easily breaks and get more durable plastic glasses. The most common types of glassware you will need are beverage Glasses, beer & wine Glasses, Cocktail Glasses, in addition to, dessert Glasses.

Tables & Chairs

Tables and chairs are essential for catching the customer’s eyes. Try to get tables and chairs that meet the style, design, and colors of your commercial restaurant in an aesthetically and trendy way, keeping in mind the space of the restaurant and seating arrangements.

Hygiene and Cleaning Equipment

Hygiene and cleaning for your commercial kitchen are paramount and important. Try to keep stock of cleaning supplies to clean and sanitize your kitchen every day so as to prevent harmful bacteria. 

To avoid the risk of cross-contamination, you have to take in mind sinks for food and hand washing, as well as, using color coded chopping boards to keep raw meat separate. Also, you can use stainless steel table surfaces for food preparation as it’s easy to wipe clean.

You have to make sure about getting the following cleaning equipment, like brooms, dustpans, restroom supplies, as well as, floor mats, wet floor signs, hand soap, and sanitizers.

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Safety and Security

Last on the list is the safety and security that must be a priority in your commercial kitchen. You have to ensure a safe working environment for your kitchen staff and customers.

Therefore, having necessary safety essentials is a must, including fire extinguisher, fire blanket, heat detection devices, in addition to, fire suppression systems, and first aid kit.

Commercial Hoods and Fans

To extract airborne grease, steam, heat, and smoke, the commercial hoods and fans are essential to keep your kitchen free of exhaust cooking. Exhaust hoods cover the area of some appliances like cooking areas and dishwashers to remove smoke and steam. Whilst, roof fans are designed to draw air up through the roof.

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