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How to Choose the Best Commercial Chicken Fryer

How to Choose the Best Commercial Chicken Fryer

The deep chicken fryer is considered one of the main and powerful equipment of any industrial and commercial kitchen needs but choosing the right commercial fryer can be difficult for you. As there are lots of chicken fryer types in the market but this article will guide you to the correct fryer you need, which you should purchase.

How to Choose the Best Chicken Fryer

While choosing the best fryer, you should consider the best-sized fryer for your business, as well as the fryer's power source and the fuel options of your fryer.

Therefore, we’ve rounded up some steps that guide you on how to choose the best fryer that suits your business;

How to Choose the Fryer Size

The fryers come in many different sizes and shapes, so you should keep in your mind the size of your restaurant and the space of your kitchen whether a big restaurant, concession stand or food truck so you can decide the perfect size for your new fryer.

How to Choose the Fuel Types

There are three different types of fuel, which are natural gas, propane, and electric. According to the power source of your restaurant or the concession stand, you will choose between those three types of fuel.

The Electricity fryer can handle a small size amount of food, which needs a small-large of oil. Electricity is available nearly everywhere, making it the most versatile fuel type in terms of availability. However, electricity requires more recovery time in-between batches of food and is the lowest option for heating the oil

Natural Gas is considered the most popular fuel source for restaurants that have a large amount of traffic. We recommend you to get a floor fryer that can act with the big quantity of foods and recover heat quickly in-between batches of food.

Propane looks like natural gas in terms of recovery and handling the big quantities of food as well as it is characterized as being portable. Thanks to being portable, you can cook with liquid propane anywhere.

How to Choose the Burner Options

The ways you will be using the fryer control the burner options in the fryer whether tube, open pot, flat-bottom or ribbon

The tube fryer is suitable for high sediment foods and designed for special fried foods including chicken and fish. As the tube of the fryer is located at the bottom, which allows collecting the heating and to flow through to avoid burnt taste in cook.

The Open Pot fryer is considered the best solution for cleaning and maintenance. Open pot fryer is suitable for foods that don’t produce a lot of sediment. Large batches can be easily fried in this open pot fryer.

The Flat Bottom fryers are popular for cooking donuts, which wickless heat from the oil and produce very low amounts of sediment.

The Ribbon fryer comes with electric fryers. It is characterized by adding less heat to the kitchen and absorbed into the oil.

Types of Commercial Chicken Fryer

You have to understand the types of the entire chicken fryer in the market first and then make your decision. Thus, the following list of deep fryer types will help you to make a good decision and worthy purchase, so keep in mind too;

  • Countertop Fryer

If your kitchen has a small size in your restaurant or food truck, so countertop fryer takes up minimal space in your kitchen. It is considered the best option for saving space while giving the perfect and delicious food.

The countertop fryer comes with three fuel options whether electric, natural gas, and propane source use. If you cook limited quantities of smaller food items, the electric source will be good for your business. Unlike, if you the fryer as a piece of primary equipment, you can purchase a 15 to 30 lb that is fueled by natural gas or propane.

  • Floor Fryers

The floor fryer type is considered one of the best chicken fryers in the market. It has the ability to keep consistent temperatures tends, which is make the fryer far more superior at cooking pieces of chicken.

If you have a big restaurant, large kitchen, and space for the floor fryer, so the floor fryer will be suitable for your large quantities of food. The floor fryer is able to handle constant use all day.

Nowadays, you will find the floor model chicken fryer in many power sources, however, natural gas and propane would be the best to handle your business needs.

  • Specialty Fryer

This type of chicken fryer can be either countertop or floor fryer. You can use the speciality fryer at a variety of food venues even if you have a big restaurant, concession stand, or food truck. The speciality fryer type comes wide and shallows that stick out of the oil for easier serving. It is run on electric power, as it cooks at a safe temperature.

Now, you are aware of the types of chicken fryer you want in terms of the size, power source and fuel option. This, you are able to make a good purchase for a worthy chicken fryer.

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