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Some Of The Best Must-Have Commercial Bakery Equipment

Some Of The Best Must-Have Commercial Bakery Equipment

Picking the right commercial baking equipment for your pastry business isn't easy. Besides the fact that it may be your first time handling such a venture, you may have little to no experience with large equipment at all. In such a case, there is no need to worry.

We have listed some of the best commercial baking equipment in the market today, mentioning the benefits that they may provide towards your venture into the pastry industry.

Commercial Mixer

The first and foremost thing you need to consider when purchasing your own commercial mixer is its capacity. How many eggs can the mixer handle at a time, how many pounds of butter, how many pounds of sugar, etc. For example, a heavy-duty, commercial pastry mixer can handle up to two pounds of sugar and approximately five pounds of butter at a time.

An excellent commercial pastry mixer can easily handle the pressure from heavy ingredients, has as little or almost no splattering, and is easy to handle and move.

Pastry Seater

The pastry seat can form pastry dough and pastry filling evenly. The pastry seater is usually a large, flat metal spatula. It has a handle and a wide, flat head. It may also have a metal base that can hold the pastry in place.

Before choosing a pastry seater, check the size and frequency of the product for which you will be using it. If you plan on using the pastry seater for small, simple products, then a small, medium or large pastry seater may be adequate. If you plan on using it for larger products, then getting one that is a little bigger may be better.

Dough Divider

The dough divider is a rubber spatula with a sharp blade. It is used to cut large amounts of dough into smaller portions. It can also be used to remove excess dough from pans.

When choosing a dough divider, make sure that the dough divider's spatula is durable and tough enough to cut through almost anything. A dough divider with an easy-to-handle handle will be better, too.

Work Bench Scraper

The work bench scraper has a stiff, flat edge that can scrape and push the dough around. It is usually a plastic or metal scraper with a handle. It may also be used to cut dough into portions.

When choosing a work bench scraper, make sure that the handle is easy to handle, easy to clean, and made of tough, durable material.

Cake Slicer

The cake slicer is used to cut large cake portions easily and quickly. It usually has a large, flat plastic or metal base to hold the cake in place. It is generally used together with a trimming blade to ensure precise cuts.

For a cake slicer, check the base's size and whether the product will fit in it. Make sure that the cake slicer is easy to use as well.

Cake Turntable

The cake turntable is used to evenly rotate a cake, making it easier for you to ice it. It is usually a circular platform that rotates the cake. Some turntables may come with locks that allow you to fix the cake in place so that it won't move.

When choosing a turntable, check the size to ensure that the turntable can hold the whole cake.


For those who want to get into the commercial baking business, it is important to invest in quality equipment to ensure a healthy return on their investment. The equipment listed above are some of the best in the market today. Most are durable, tough, easy to clean, and easy to use. Their wide range of uses allows for various baking methods, good enough to make your venture successful in the foreseeable future.

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