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Top 10 UK Regional Foods You Should Include in Your Catering Menu

Top 10 UK Regional Foods You Should Include in Your Catering Menu

As a catering business, there’s a lot you’ll need to keep in mind to make sure you’re catering to a wide range of people. Indeed, people come from all walks of life, and this can significantly influence the types of food they most enjoy! And, while the exact menu items you choose will likely depend on factors such as where your online catering business is delivering to and the availability of ingredients at the time, being aware of some of the most popular UK regional foods can really help you target a brand new market!

10 Regional Foods You Should Include in Your Online Catering Menu!

If you have been struggling to come up with a menu that meets the needs of many different customers or diverse groups of people, adding in regional foods could be an excellent option! The following ten ingredients might be just what you need, as a result.

  1. Yorkshire puddings: When we think of regional foods, Yorkshire puddings have to be one of the best known (the clue’s in the name)!
  2. Cornish pasty: If your food business does a lunch menu, adding Cornish pasties could be the ideal hearty treat.
  3. Lancashire hotpot: It’s not a typical restaurant menu item, but a hearty and warming Lancashire hotpot might just be ideal if you need a new way to attract customers during the cold winter months.
  4. Bara brith: Why not add a little extra Welsh charm to your desserts menu with this iconic fruit loaf?
  5. Black pudding: It’s a quintessentially Scottish delicacy — and for those who know how to cook with it, black pudding can add an exceptional richness to many dishes.
  6. Shortbread: Homemade shortbread is a real delicacy, and adding shortbread to your desserts menu (either on its own or as part of a dish) could be a great option to consider.
  7. Glamorgan sausages: If you’re looking to cater to a vegetarian market, cheesy Glamorgan sausages might be perfect!
  8. Welsh rarebit: The perfect addition to a cafe menu, Welsh rarebit (effectively a fancier version of cheese on toast) is one of those regional delights that’s hard to say no to.
  9. Eton mess: Quick and easy to make and absolutely indulgent, this is the ideal dessert for those who are tired of chocolate treats.
  10. Fish and chips: It’s less of a regional dish and more a coastal treat - but for those wanting an amazing and filling menu item, fish and chips is the perfect, quick to put together and easy to enjoy.

Many of these brilliant recipes are exceptionally easy to include in your menus, and they’re often incredibly easy ways to diversify your offering. So, why not give them a go - it’s easy to see why so many online catering businesses do!

Final Thoughts

Every business has a unique menu, but making sure that there are dishes for as many people as possible can help ensure you don’t accidentally end up isolating any of your customers! So, why not consider including today’s top ten regional foods in your menu, too; it might just push your business to a whole new audience!

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